Working on my Piero Manzoni inspired work for The Art Assignment. It isn’t dry yet and judging by the amount of water and gesso that I used it won’t be dry for a good while. This was fun and actually really useful for inspiration for what it is I normally try to make. I used old christmas wrapping paper and it added a bit of a pop culture aspect that I really like. The third photo is of an actual Manzoni. I will post again once things have dried and are officially finished. It’s really hard to get a good picture when there is so much wet matter glistening off the surface of the work. I was going for an oceany feel with the creases as waves.



This week’s Modern Art Notes Podcast leads off with Los Angeles County Museum of Art curator Timothy O. Benson.

Benson is the curator of "Expressionism in Germany and France: From Van Gogh to Kandinsky." The show reveals how expressionism, typically considered a German movement, had its roots in late 19th-century French art and then presents how central European artists discovered, learned from and expanded upon developments in France. 

It’s on view through September 14. The exhibition’s catalogue, published by Prestel, is terrific. Amazon offers it for $50.

The artwork at the top of this post is the most important painting of the 20th century: Henri Matisse’s Blue Nude, Memory of Biskra (1907). It isn’t in Benson’s show, but it’s influence is evident and often overt. Included here are some of the many ways artists engaged with Blue Nude. All are in “Expressionism in Germany in France.” From top-to-bottom:

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Dodo Playing with Her Fingers (1909). Collection of the Milwaukee Art Museum;

Erich Heckel, Scene in the Woods (1910), Plate 2 of the portfolio “Die Brucke VI (1911), Collection of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art;

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Reclining Nude in Front of Mirror (1909-10). Collection of Brucke Museum; and

Max Pechstein, Dancers and Bathers at a Forest Pond, 1912. Collection of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

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